Founder and Director of The 5 Chairs project, Behavioural Coach, Corporate Trainer and Facilitator, Speaker, and Author of 5 Chairs 5 Choices.

Since childhood, Louise Evans has had a determination and an enthusiasm for life. Three things have always been dear to her heart: people, travel, and the performing arts. A large part of her happiness today comes from being able to combine all three in her work.

Born in England to Welsh parents, she left home in her early 20s to work in the South of France which marked the beginning of her passion for travel. After France, she moved to Germany. Then, in 1986, she settled in Florence, Italy which she considers her spiritual home.

Her professional journey began in educational organizations offering language and communication training to the corporate world. This suited her well. In this environment, she was able to use the skills she developed in the performing arts.  Her move to Italy marked the beginning of her life as an entrepreneur and as a serious world traveler. Her passion for exploring other cultures inspired her to specialize in Cross-Cultural Diversity Management and Global Leadership, which she offers to multinational companies across the world as a facilitator, trainer, and coach. Having visited 75 countries and experienced culture shock three times, Louise enjoys bringing multiple perspectives to the present moment to help people connect across their differences.

Personal development has always been central to Louise’s life. Her desire for constant self-improvement was the driver of her own personal transformation in the presence of some extraordinary teachers, such as Thich Nhat Hahn, Eckhart Tolle of The Power of Now and, Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Non-Violent Communication. These spiritual influencers inspired her to bring her own contribution to the world through her first book 5 Chairs, 5 Choices, a ten-year project created to help leaders, teams, and staff model behaviors for more inclusive workplaces.

Louise’s passion is to work with the human side of organizations. She believes deeply in people’s ability to grow and transform. Louise helps others find the courage to ask themselves the questions they have never asked themselves before so that they can truly excel in their lives. Since 1996, she has dedicated her professional life to developing her training and coaching project The 5 Chairs which is the core of all her professional activities.


Louise is a qualified trainer and facilitator of Intercultural Management, Global Leadership, and International Communication Skills. Certified as Global Executive coach and NLP Practitioner, she works with all levels from Top Talents to the Board in Corporations, such as Fiat, Gucci, Enel, Unicredit Bank, Barilla, Luxottica, Honeywell, British Gas, Tods, Hogan, Duracell, Diesel, Telecom Italia, Manpower, The European Council, The Bank of International Settlements and many more.
Her Training Topics include; intercultural sensitization and management, communication and interpersonal skills, diversity (thought, cultural, gender, generational, functional), global leadership, unconscious bias, non-violent communication, global executive coaching, emotional client experience, virtual cross-cultural teamwork, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence.