5 Chairs 5 Choices: own your behaviour, enhance your relationships, secure your success.

From the author Louise Evans comes a book that gives you the tools to make a choice: to consciously contribute to the happiness and success of everyone, both at work and at home with the right attitude. It is a call to action.

What is The 5 Chairs?

It is a mind tool and a learning experience that consists of 5 Chairs which act as a behavior compass that mirrors daily reactions and forces you to track what you are thinking, feeling and behaving in any given moment.

It’s a game changer. It encourages us to make new choices about what positive behaviors to adopt. It’s also a change-accelerator because the more we practice with The 5 Chairs, the quicker we learn to control negative impulses, adopt more positive behaviors and feel better about ourselves and those around us.

By employing on her decade’s experience in coaching and training programs which she has devised for companies such as Fiat, Gucci, Enel, Unicredit Bank, British Gas, Duracell, Telecom Italia, and many more, culminate in this spectacular practice of The 5 Chairs.

The 5 Chairs is a bit like playing ‘behavioral’ musical chairs, only the chairs don’t disappear, they change their music. The ability to switch chairs, especially when one is consumed by negative emotions, is the key to successful behavior.

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