The 5 Chairs of Leadership

The 5 Chairs of Leadership

Our popular leadership program explores the skills, behaviors and attitudes which all leaders need in order to manage themselves and their people to succeed in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.
The pressure is on and the stress factor is high. Demands on our time are greater than ever before and, with this, our relationships are at greater risk of damage. It is crucial that we pay attention to this factor. People are THE primary asset of any organization. Fulfilled people drive success – disengaged people block success.

The well-being of people in any organization lies mainly with its leaders. People leave companies because of bad managers not because of bad conditions.

Leaders have a huge impact on the people around them minute by minute. They model expected behaviors, attitudes, conversations and decisions. They create the culture and climate of the company. This program is designed to help leaders make a positive lasting impact in their organization to ensure everyone’s well-being and success.

We will explore the areas of your leadership, which require both a high level of self-awareness and excellent people skills to lead others.

This course is guaranteed to make a real difference to your leadership impact.

  • How to manage your own emotions, thoughts and behaviors in challenging leadership moments
  • How to deal with negative behaviors and attitudes of others
  • How to recognize unconscious bias in yourself and others
  • How to manage your limiting beliefs and address your fears.
  • How to recognize and nurture your natural talents.
  • How to empower staff to become their best selves under your leadership.
  • How to ‘listen to’ yourself, your staff and the organization.
  • How to make conscious choices and reach effective decisions.
  • How to maintain curiosity in the face of challenge.
  • How to consciously become a role model of moment-to-moment mindfulness.
  • How to be assertive up, across and down the organization.
  • How to give, receive and ask for feedback with skill and efficacy.
  • How to iniate and handle difficult conversations – Conversation Architecture®
  • How to lead standout meetings that really have an impact.
  • How to show empathy through powerful coaching and mentoring
  • How to understand your people and motivate them to follow you.
  • How to leverage your communication style for success with clients and suppliers.