5 Chairs 5 Choices

“One of the most practical books on emotional intelligence that I have ever read.”
Richard Barrett, Chairman and Founder of the Barrett Values Centre.


“Louise’s groundbreaking book is for anyone who is interested in bringing more empathy, emotional intelligence and consciousness into their career (and into their daily life). The examples in this insightful book are practical and easy to integrate; and it’s a must-read for anyone who wants to be an inspiring and more effective Leader.”
Ellen Looyen, Bestselling Author, “Branded for Life!”


“Louise’s book is masterful. It is deep and rich yet practical, packed with scenarios, examples and exercises which when applied have transformational results for individuals, teams, and organizations. I predict The 5 Chairs Programme will become a reference point for the organizational development industry.”  
Helen Battersby, Director, Global Business Leaders Ltd.


“It takes foresight, great empathy and courage to face the challenge of bringing the spiritual experience into the business context where the primary objective of profitability can easily blur man’s dignity. On reading ‘5 Chairs, 5 Choices’, I am in awe at how Louise achieves this with disarming creativity, clarity, enlightened sensitivity and fun, all significant qualities of the true mentor that she is!”
Faye Miravite, CEO, Miravite Consulting Group


“I am personally very happy to see this book become a reality. I had the opportunity of working with Louise in my previous job as Managing Director of the Italian branch of a Multinational company where she supported my team through a period of re-positioning when tensions were high and relations strained. The 5 Chairs programme is powerful and practical. It opened our minds and hearts and allowed us to become more vulnerable and authentic with one another in volatile and uncertain times. The impact? Our site was awarded best in class during the Lean Program Audit. I want to thank Louise for being such an influential coach, an energetic and engaging trainer and a trustful business partner.”
Luca Labriola, Head of Operations, Personal Care, Philips


“As a young manager at the beginning of my career ‘5 Chairs, 5 Choices’ has had an enormous impact on my approach to work and to life in general. Working in the HR task force of an important international company of luxury hotels worldwide I constantly use this method to build empathy and trust towards my international colleagues. Every time the Jackal in me declares “in Italy, we do it better”, I receive an emergency call from my “Giraffe” gently whispering “in Italy, we do it differently.” This immediately changes my attitude, language and approach resulting in much greater collaborative performance. I highly recommend this book to all young talents of my generation who want to make a difference with their leadership in international contexts.”
Samira Amin, HR Task Force, Mandarin Oriental Hotels


“As our world undergoes a significant transformation where we are beginning to understand the need to value the people we live and work with, tools to raise conscious awareness of ourselves and others becomes vital not only for our individual success but increasingly for our organizational success. Louise has taken the best kernels of wisdom from masters who teach these principles on a spiritual level and has created a pathway to accessing and applying that same wisdom in our everyday lives. Her playful and creative methodology of the 5 Chairs allows transformation to happen in even the most reticent of executives and because of that she is a master in her own right!”
Monique Tallon, author of ‘Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective’


“When Louise sent me her book I read it from cover to cover. Every page of her book is inspired by an ambitious desire; that we all commit to bringing the very best of ourselves into the world in a more conscious way. The lessons of the Five Chairs empower us to do just that. This is a must for anyone who wants to grow in this world.”
Dr. Ing. Gianfranco Michelini, Author and Entrepreneur


“I devoured Louise’s book in two days, constantly visualizing the story of the 5 Chairs with their zoological guests in mind. As we move from the Jackal to the Giraffe Chair the scenery and habitat changes progressively. It’s like embarking on a journey across different cultures, organizations, and mindsets with a simple, ingenious and exacting method which, if followed, can only lighten and enrich our daily lives.”
Nicoletta Benigni, Corporate Mentor, Trainer and Coach


“The 5 Chairs is a powerful approach to better understand how we can communicate to get the outcomes we desire.  Louise draws on a vast number of sources and her own in-depth insights and knowledge from many years of practice.  The result is succinct, memorable and above all practical. It really works!  The need has never been greater for building relationships of respect and trust at home, at work, in the wider world.  The sad truth is that connectivity removes connection unless it is nurtured. Here is a long-awaited way to build (and repair) the connection we all seek.”
Anne Stenbom, Director, Global Business Leaders Ltd


The 5 Chairs Method

I had the opportunity to work with Louise in my previous work experience as Managing Director of the Italian branch of a Multinational company. Louise supported my team going through a full year program using the 5 chairs methodology. Louise took the team in a moment of change where the common feeling was frustration and dissatisfaction resulting in major dysfunctional relations between us.

The 5 chairs program gave us the possibility to open up our minds and hearts and recognize how important is to be vulnerable and authentic in the VUCA world. Going through the 5 chairs we experienced 5 choices, 5 ways to manage a situation, react to conversations and consciously decide how to behave in different circumstances to finally reach the connection stage.

What impressed me is that the program is very practical, engaging, energizing resulting in a tangible improvement of team performance. In our case, we were passing through a major repositioning of the site I was managing. Through our conversations and days spent with Louise we were able to pass from forming the team, start performing and reach the over-performing stage. We pushed a lot on creating a positive sense of urgency to over deliver in expectations of our customers and internal stakeholder.

The result was, despite re-positioning, the site was recognized as the best in our Lean Program Audit highlighting incredible energy and alignment to the vision at all levels from operators to management. The program gives you the possibility to speak the same language and quickly reconnect when you see inappropriate behaviors by simply saying “I see a jackal in the room”. We built a common language of feedback together.

I want to thank my team for being so open and receptive to the program, turning a challenge in a big success and of course I want to thank Louise for being such an influential coach, an energetic and engaging trainer and a trustful business partner. I feel very proud of our team achievements and lucky to have crossed our paths.

The 5 Chairs approach transformed my team from being below average to award-winning world class. The approach is both powerful and practical, it guarantees lasting change.
Luca Labriola – Head of Operations, Personal Care, Philips (previously Plant Manager with Honeywell, Italy)


The 5 Chair method is extremely effective in many different contexts, We applied it not only to the integration of two organizational cultures but also to the improvement of our internal communication across the organization. Louise is an excellent professional, very dedicated to her work and particularly capable of stimulating learning and improvement in her managerial training. She is a constant point of reference for me.
Stefania Monini – HR Director CIR Food (previously HR Director at INDESIT)


As HR Director of a Multinational, I contacted Louise to organize a training project to integrate our key managers across different European countries in our group. I chose the 5 Chair methodology because I was attracted by the innovative nature of its content. The training had a deep impact on all of us and we still use it as a point of reference in challenging situations. The level of collaboration and understanding across the subsidiaries has noticeably increased as a result of this training. We are actually finding the 5 Chairs useful not only at a professional level but also in private life. The program was doubly effective due to Louise’s own ‘inclusive’ approach where she created high levels of engagement between people with very different styles and backgrounds, from top young talents to managers over 50.
Pierangela Fanti – HR Director SKWellman, S.p.A.


The 5 Chair methodology is both powerful and highly effective. It sows a seed in the mind and heart of everyone that experiences it. We used it with great success at the Baglioni Hotels to increase the emotional client experience and develop the intercultural sensitivity essential for all our teams offering luxury hospitality. Louise’s high level of professionalism and deep spiritual wisdom secured the impact of the 5 Chairs.
Loredana Toro – Quality and Training Director – The Baglioni Hotels Group