Managing Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures

Cultural Intelligence is an absolute ‘must’ for any organization wanting to be successful in the international arena today. Being culturally intelligent means having the ability to work and relate effectively with colleagues, clients and suppliers from all over the world.

We are not born with Cultural Intelligence but we can learn it.

Collaborating with people from other cultures comes with many challenges. Their ‘normal’ is often different to ‘our normal’. This can create discomfort for us. We catch ourselves saying ‘the Germans are too direct’, ‘the English are ambiguous’, ‘the Chinese are illusive’.

If we don’t learn to understand and appreciate our different approaches to business, this diversity will have a detrimental effect on our relationships and negatively impact business results. Developing Cultural Intelligence in our organizations is essential today to leverage the very best of our diversity.

On our Managing Across Cultures program we provide you with the skills to:

Red chair

Transforming your negative judgments of cultural differences – ‘Our way is the right way’ into positive interpretation and appreciation…‘Your way is an alternative and potentially complimentary way.’

Yellow chair

Understand and leverage different management approaches to communication, decision-making, hierarchy, feedback, leadership, trust-building, scheduling and persuading.

Green chair

Explore and interpret the different systems of beliefs and values driving specific cultural behaviors and business practices.

Blue chair

Practice collaborative cross-cultural communication skills and conflict resolution dialogues in both spoken and written form.

Purple chair

Manage Virtual communication and collaboration with colleagues and business partners at distance.(Conference calls, virtual meetings and emails etc.)

“I have found this model of the 5 Chairs to be very powerful and effective. It sows a positive seed in the minds and hearts of all the groups who have experienced it.” (Loredana Toro, Corporate Training and Quality manager at Baglioni Hotels)