Coaching to Excellence

Coaching to Excellence

Coaching is one of the most powerful ways of helping people become excellent at who they are and what they do. We deeply believe in the power of good coaching at the Academy and use it in ALL the work we do with people. We know that developing a Culture of Coaching in organizations can dramatically increase the well-being and performance of its people.

We offer coaching paths for individuals and teams, both face-to-face and virtually. The 5 Chair methodology is perfectly suited for coaching as it is designed to take our clients on a journey of self-discovery exploring situations and challenges from 5 different perspectives.

On our coaching assignments we are careful to:

  • foster a collaborative partnership with our clients which allows them to explore their own values and behaviors.
  • create a safe environment where clients can tap into their courageous vulnerability to open up fully to their issues.
  • help them strengthen their self-awareness in readiness for effective behavioral change.
  • encourage them to face their fears and celebrate their strengths.
  • challenge them beyond their self-imposed limits and become accountable for their thoughts, actions and development
  • keep them on track to make the changes they choose to make.

We specialize in coaching behaviors for Leadership and Management positions in International Contexts.