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Developing the Art of Speaking Up

What lies beneath communication is want or need. Finding a way to identify these drives correctly then express them with deftness and heart lies at the core of the art of speaking up. We were taught at a young age, that “if you have nothing nice to say, say...

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The Power of Words

I recently saw a quote: “If the words I spoke were written on my skin would I still be beautiful?” What we think or say about someone is something we should all keep in mind in our daily lives from dealing with family to making posts on social media...

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The Detect Chair – Managing Emotions

In the Buddhist philosophy, the color blue represents a pure and uncluttered mind. In The Detect Chair, we develop SELF-AWARENESS, practice SELF-MASTERY and aspire to authentic SELF-EXPRESSION. Managing emotions is an integral part of this development. Our guiding belief in this chair is: ‘I know enough and I am enough.’ Our...

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